• History of chocolate

Chocolate is often referred to as the “food of the gods”. Of course this relates to the heavenly taste of chocolate and the pleasure of indulgence in it, but there is more to it than that! The phrase may have its roots in the pre-Colombian religion which first cultivated cocoa and consumed it as chocolate.

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  • From cocoa to chocolate

The perfect environment for the cocoa tree is found in the tropical heat of the equatorial forest. The fertile soil in West Africa provides the majority of the world’s cocoa crop. Cocoa cultivation represents the main source of income for thousands of African farmers. The cocoa tree flowers in 2 cycles of 6 months the whole year round. No more than 40 flowers will develop into cocoa pods.

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  • What is fat/sugar bloom?

Like chocolate that is used as a raw material, finished chocolate products are sensitive totemperature, unpleasant odours and tastes, light and air, humidity and storage time. Typicalproblems which may occur during storage are as follows:

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  • Chocolate and health

Source of energy for an active lifestyle

Because of the high concentration of calories in a relatively small volume and thanks to the positive relationship between sugars and fats, chocolate is an important source of direct energy. Chocolate also compensates very rapidly for the energy that the body expends during heavy physical or mental exertion. That's why chocolate is extremely popular with athletes, students and anyone who wants to restore their energy quickly after strenuous activity. In short, chocolate goes hand in hand with an active lifestyle.

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  • Sustainability program: growing great chocolate

We supports the sustainability program of Callebaut.

Working together with cocoa farmers for sustainable cocoa cultivation

We believe that the success and future of our business depends directly on the future of cocoa cultivation and the cocoa farming communities. That’s why Callebaut® started the Growing Great Chocolate program in 2012, making a bold shift to source sustainably grown cocoa for all its Finest Belgian Chocolate recipes. One year later we are proud to present the early results of this program and the improvements that it is already making to the lives of the growers and their families.

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